Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Burdons LP (1984, Big Rock)

Here's an unduly forgotten power pop record brought to us by Bay City, MI's Burdons, who according to this article are still active some three decades on.   Loosely, the Burdons could pass for the Flamin' Groovies unhip second cousins, albeit even more linear in the songwriting department.  Occasionally things tack in the direction of the Raspberries, other times this affair strolls into Shoes territory, but when it comes to the choicest morsels like "Heartbeat" and "I Fell in Love," you could make a case for the Burdons occupying three minutes on a Teenline and a K-tel compilation.  That's saying a hell of a lot if you ask me.  My apologies for the radio station sticker adorning the cover.  Manually removing it would have resulted in even greater mutilation, and I'm not very handy with Photoshop.  Check out the comments for a link to a 2010 Burdons performance clip.

01. I'd Really Like to See You Tonight
02. Here Comes That Girl Again
03. Climbing Up the Walls
04. I'm No Good
05. Heartbeat
06. Time
07. Right Back to Me
08. Go Steady
09. I Fell in Love
10. Just Like You
11. For You
12. The Raging Current
13. Goin' Away


sonicboy said...

Cool pop.

The Burdons were actually from Bay City where they received the key of the city for the release of this album. This key was intended first for Madona, a bay city native, but the mayor refused to give the key of the city to the pop star....
They've got a myspace site

sonicboy said...

It seems that they're still playing time to time

spavid said...

Thanks for the links! I appreciate it.

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I hope you'll do the same.


popthinker said...

Possible to re-up? Thanks!

spavid said...

The link has been updated.

Chris said...

And the link is expired again, alas! Any chance of a second re-up?