Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sheer Thursday - Expecting the Grass (1986, Twilight)

Well, there's not much info to be had on Sheer Thursday, but some superficial stats on the back sleeve of this platter inform us they were based in Atlanta - that, and they were affiliated with Twilight Records, the imprint that released my favorite Pedaljets album, Today, TodayExpecting the Grass peaks early on with it's ringing opening salvo, "Dodge," suggesting that ST had imbibed their fair share of Reckoning and Fables of the Reconstruction prior to these sessions.  If the remainder of this record was of the same caliber I'd be more enthusiastic, but luckily this quartet rolls a solid spare (if no more outright strikes) in the form of "A View From the Side" (esp the latter of the two tracks bearing that title).  Great, edgy post-punk, loosely in a Homestead Records mold.  Amidst some of the lesser selections there's too much collegiate-level ambling and artsy transgressions for my taste, but with the exception of ...Grass's most egregious foible, "Distance," it's a listenable and occasionally rewarding LP.     

01. Dodge
02. Distance
03. Fish form...
04. Moral
05. Gray Day
06. A View From the Side VII
07. Home Park
08. A View From the Side
09. The Dancing Bear


Mock Turtle said...

I picked up a copy of this record in Albuquerque during the late 80's... Last summer I had a Thursday evening happy hour DJ gig that I named after this band... I borrowed the cover art for an online promotion, Thanks for posting this.

Tandemracer said...

More info about Sheer Thursday at

gPerras said...

I’m friends with the singer songwriter he’s working on another album On the maundy media