Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lost Luggage - Chateau Relaxeau (1991, Lughead)

As I settled into Chateau Relaxeau's sublime lead-off number, "Everything Breaks," I said to myself, 'it's probably not going to get any better than this,' and I was spot on.  Furthermore, Lost Luggage were spot on as well - namely for putting their strongest song on the front burner.  Sounding like something Tommy Stinson should have included on one of his overlooked solo albums, the melodic stride of "Everything Breaks" points to this long defunct quartet as being deft craftsmen when the inspiration struck them.  This isn't to say that the remainder of Chateau... is disappointing, but comparatively the dozen or so tunes that follow it are entirely competent and even satisfying, albeit a tad nondescript.  Think Gin Blossoms, or post-Grave Dancers Soul Asylum and you've got a good handle on Lost Luggage (no pun intended).  I have a couple of L/L demo tapes that might be making it onto these pages in the days to come.

01. Everything Breaks
02. Broken Down
03. Roller Coaster
04. On the Ropes
05. Front Porch
06. double double
07. Adam 94
08. Do Something About It
09. Sign of the Times
10. A Different View
11. The New One
12. Story Line
13. Groove 101
14. Pulled Together, Priced, and Sold
15. The Big Parade


bglobe313 said...

Any mention of The Gin Blossoms gets my attention. And at a minimum from your description that opening track sounds like a winner.

Ace K.

P.S. Do you have any Gin Blossoms/Doug Hopkins rarities?

spavid said...

I have demos from the early '90s. A lot of tape hiss, but listenable, along with some more recent live shows.

bglobe313 said...


1. That first song on the Lost Luggage recording IS really good. Nothing else that great, but some others are fine, although the thing definitely seems to be front-loaded.

2. Re: Gin Blossoms demos my guess is that they are the ones I have already heard and that are on the Web in such places as YouTube.


Bruce K. said...

Continuing to obsess about "Everything Breaks". A poorly tagged (by me) file of the Best Of Blog 2012 came on my player the other day, and I was very pleased to hear that track.

It's amazing how intense it is without (at least to my pop ears) being annoying or irritating. They just lock in on the instrumental and vocal riffs and hit them hard without sacrificing the song and its flow. I won't go overboard and say it's the greatest of all time, but it really is an amazing accomplishment (their own "Walk Away Renee" or to be more music culty "She May Call You Up Tonight".)

Koyott said...

reup this one please. Many Thanks!