Monday, May 7, 2012

The Pursuit of Happiness - live in San Jose, CA 5-27-89

It's probably going to be a couple more days until I have the chance to rip some more vinyl, but in the meantime, I'm giving you a vintage live show from TPOH that includes every song from Love Junk, and even the superb "She's So Young" b-side, "Let My People Go" to boot.  Moe Berg and pals also give the audience a preview of a handful songs that would appear on 1990's One Sided Story.  There's more than a few obligatory covers rounding this set out, not to mention banter and the occasional monologue.  It's safe to say that they couldn't have offered this crowd a more thorough performance.  This show comes from an above-average audience tape.  If you haven't done so already, check out Moe's pre-TPOH outfit Facecrime, whose Sex and Revolution ep is available for the taking here.

01. Killed By Love
02. Food
03. Man's Best Friend
04. banter/When the Sky Comes Falling Down/Walking in the Woods
05. Forbidden Fruit
06. Beautiful White
07. banter, Moe speaks
08. Consciousness Raising as a Social Tool
09. All I Want
10. She's So Young (cuts at beginning)
11. Ten Fingers
12. Tree of Knowledge
13. banter/Handsomest Man, Prettiest Girl in Town
14. Hard to Laugh
15. Let My People Go
16. Looking for Girls
17. Down on Him
18. I'm an Adult Now
19. encore intermission
20. Moe speaks/Couldn’t I Just Tell You/No Matter What
21. Little Sister



Dave said...

Thanks for this! Love Junk is a fondly-remembered (by me, at any rate) Power Pop gem from an era where great PP was not that easy to find. I saw these guys in San Antonio, TX around the same time - I'm going to guess a few weeks prior, maybe in April - and it was a great show. Set list was nearly the same but they left out "She's So Young," which was my favorite cut from the album. Encore included a fun version of "Hanky Panky." Aaaaand... that's all I remember. Oh, and a terrible prog/metal band called Myth, led by a dude in a gold lame frock coat, opened the show.

Ralph Dodger said...

Hadn't heard that (presumably early) version of "Food" before. Many thanks!

robgronotte said...

Netkups is dead, would be nice to get a re-upload of this one!