Sunday, November 1, 2009

Santa Clan - Taking Liberty (1986, T-STOFF)

Here's another (semi)worthy entry to add to the ever-heaping no-name pile. Let's see - a Berkeley, CA post-punk trio who go by silly assumed names like Gern Hudnutt and Yolo Slew. The "Clan's" presumably one and only album, Taking Liberty, plays like the dark side of the coin of hometown mates Translator and Wire Train, eschewing some of the 'wave' trappings in the process. Second track in on side two, "Disatisfaction" (misspelled deliberately or not, on both the sleeve and record label) is about as tuneful as Santa Clan get. Dare I say this record is a bit brooding? Time to draw your own conclusions...and if you're so inclined, original copies may still be languishing on the shelf at Subterranean Mailorder.

01. Nameless
02. Miss Jackson
03. Oldster
04. Red Door
05. American Guru
06. Excuse Me
07. Disatisfaction
08. Awannabe
09. Pussy Willo


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EricC said...

I'm finally getting around to listening to this ... this is brilliant.