Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fuzzy - s/t (1994, Seed)

Fulfilling a request for Fuzzy's debut album. To find out what all the "fuzz" is about, check out my previous dedication to this defunct, co-ed Boston quartet here, or just indulge in the YouTube goodness below.

01. Flashlight
02. Bill
03. Postcard
04. Now I Know
05. 4 Wheel Friend
06. Almond
07. Lemon Rind
08. Rock Song
09. Intro
10. Sports
11. Severe
12. Got It
13. Surfing
14. Girlfriend

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Anonymous said...

YOU. RAWK!!! I've been looking for this FOREVER. Try googling "fuzzy fuzzy"... ain't exactly the easiest album to find.

Mike said...

I have this on 12" - love it!

Sam Adams said...

The one that really hits me is the acoustic version of "Christmas" on the "Lemon Rind" single. If you don't have it, lemme know.

Joe said...

I seem to be having trouble downloading from rapidshare.

Currently a lot of users are downloading files. Please try again in 2 minutes or become a Premium member

I keep trying again, but it won't let me download. Is anyone else having this problem?

zzeitg said...

great! More albums by Fuzzy, pls!

spavid said...

In regards to your comments Walter, I have a premium Rapidshare account myself, but if you don't, you might be limited to so many downloads per day. Just a thought, so try again later.

For anyone looking for a physical of "Fuzzy," they're pretty common, not to mention super cheap on Amazon:

Ben said...

thanks! appreciate you fulfilling my request!

best blog!

Matt said...

oh man! i've been trying to track this down forever! thank you!!!

Jeff said...

If you have any more Fuzzy full lengths, they would be appreciated, Fuzzy is my favorite thing I've heard on this blog (and on most other blogs, in fact, I think the only two things I liked more were The Brat's Attitudes EP and White Flag's Wild Kingdom, both from Last Days of Man on Earth).

Ryan said...

re-up, please?

spavid said...

Link has been repaired.

Unknown said...

YESSS! You have the CD too.

Thanks a ton