Friday, November 20, 2009


In keeping with the SST theme for another night, I thought it would be a bright idea to share this. Submitted for your approval, a rather hissy and perhaps Dolby-ized collection of demos, all of which would later be re-tracked for the debut fIREHOSE album, Ragin' Full On. The band came to be after an enthusiastic Minutemen fan from Ohio, Ed Crawford, encouraged the surviving members, famed bassist Mike Watt, and drummer George Hurley to pick up their respective instruments after the tragic death of spieler/axe-wielder in chief, D. Boon. And so it was done, with Crawford volunteering to spearhead the new trio. For the record, Ragin' Full On is not my fIREHOSE album of choice (I'm more of an if'n and flyin' the flannel enthusiast myself), but so far as demos and such are concerned I take what I can get. As mentioned above, this is a slightly painful listen audio-wise, but nevertheless an inside look into the gestation of fIREHOSE's initial recording studio foray. Enjoy.

01. Brave Captain
02. Caroms
03. Chemical Wire
04. Locked-In
05. The Candle and the Flame
06. On Your Knees
07. Things Could Turn Around



Brushback said...

I saw fIREHOSE a bunch of times in the '80s, maybe three or four times-- Hurley and Watt were always such great musicians that it made the "Ed thing" all the more obvious.. that was kind of a weird experiment, now that I look back on it.

auntie meat said...

I would love to hear this, the link is expired.
Much appreciated if you would please repost!!