Monday, November 9, 2009

man dingo - badtouchbecca ep (1993, Plastic Giraffe) + ifive re-up

I recently became aware that the link for man dingo's ifive album, which I posted just under a year ago, has apparently expired or somehow gone defunct. I have re-upped it and included the link below. To boot, I've also decided to share the ep that preceded it, badtouchbecca (all one word). To get the full story on what the Phoenix trio were all about, check my original man dingo post from December of '08. As for all you uninitiated types, man dingo were a quite remarkable "popcore" outfit that carried on with zippy, buzzsaw-punk abandon over the course of two albums, a few singles, and this flawed but ultimately worthy 7-track ep. I say badtouch... is flawed in the respect that it suffers from a very unflattering mix, especially in the percussion department, but otherwise the material is superlative and makes an excellent appetizer for ifive, the aforementioned album that was to follow in 1994 on Dr. Strange Records. The ep's roaring leadoff song "My Stereo," would later be rerecorded for a single that I also shared on here as part of my Singles Going Single series. In summation, if Big Drill Car, The Descendants, and Brown Lobster Tank do it for you, so will man dingo.

01. My Stereo
02. Stumble
03. Wasted
04. Jones
05. Channel 5
06. I Said
07. Hollow


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Stathis said...

Thanks for all,
can you please repost Man Dingo's - Badtouchbecca EP (1993, Plastic Giraffe) + ifive (1994, Dr. Strange) & How's My Driving 7''?
Also, I have asked for a re-up of Skiploader's Name Dropping 7'' 1993.
Can you please reload them?

Thank you very much