Monday, November 23, 2009

Private Plain - Godwatching ep (1990, Overwellum)

During the better part of the '80s, the oblique tongue of Michael Stipe paired with the chimey, reverberating fretwork of Peter Buck seemed to leave an indelible impression in just about every nook and cranny of the United States, and upstate New York was no exception. Albany's Private Plain may not have taken REM's Murmur as a call to arms so to speak (not aesthetically anyway), but the impact that album had in molding the direction of college radio during the era seemed to be the quartet's calling. Ultimately, the five-song Godwatching, suggests more modest influences, like the Miracle Legion alongside a myriad of Don Dixon/Mitch Easter productions, but not over-derivative of anyone. If there are any takers, I think I have a Private Plain cassette ep floating around somewhere that I can post in the future.

01. To You Jane
02. Clowns
03. Garfield Road
04. Medicine Hat


Shmu said...

Hi Spavid,

thanks for posting this, I really enojyed it. Great blog!

You might dig my solo project called Shmu. The music can best be described as a blend of shoegaze/dream-pop & psychedelic with tinges of glitch, minimalism and folk rock.

You can listen to the tunes at or sample a couple of songs at
If you decide to post the record, please let me know ( ) and I'll send you the link to the full album.

Best Regards,


ilikecorn500 said...

These guys are still around. Check out

Anonymous said...

Re up, please?

Anonymous said...

Please, please upload that Private Plain cassette if you have it. I'm begging you.

evanjcr said...

Hey I_should_stop_doing_everything,

the Private Plain Godwatching EP is now available at

also check out for future projects from a few of the members of Private Plain.