Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Ramrods - s/t (2005)

Not much time for a write-up tonight, but a lot of you seemed to dig the Ramrods Jivin' n Twistin' ep I shared last month. I'm following that up with an extremely limited cd-r of 16 unreleased Ramrods songs, apparentlyrecorded during the '80s. No liner notes are provided to shed any light on the nature of these recordings, which admittedly is a little frustrating, but an online article regarding the group's 2005 reunion gig in Buffalo, NY is the best consolation I can offer. The 'Rods sounded remarkably more professional when they laid down these tracks, but for what it's worth their lone ep was actually more consistent and immediate. Word has it there's more stuff in the vault, but don't hold your breath for a reissue. For now, take a swig of some good ol' working class power pop.


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Buffalo Music Archive said...

Spavid. I hope this finds you well. This would be amazing to hear. Can you please re-up? Thank you!!