Friday, February 27, 2009

Splitting the Difference # 7 - Twitch Hazel (pre-Fudge)/The Technical Jed 2x7" (1993, Brilliant)

More vintage pre-Fudge music, and a perfect tie-in with my split singles series, Splitting the Difference. This is a double 7" split single - one for T/H (maroon vinyl) and the other Technical Jed (blue vinyl). As with Engine No. 9 (see the post directly below this one), Twitch Hazel were another project involving David Tony Ammendolia and David Jones, before they formed Fudge and went on to worldwide acclaim and idolization. The four T/H songs originated from a 4-track demo session in 1989, but when the tapes were subsequently lost, they were rerecorded in January of 1993, which is what you have here. The two a-sides, "Nowhere" and "Chilled" are the standouts to me, but there's hardly any filler here. Sounds like the early Fudge singles with maybe a little Posies thrown in for good measure.
I was never really a follower of Richmond, VA's Technical Jed, but I'm aware of the two albums they cut for spinART Records in the mid '90s. The pop quotient isn't as much an emphasis for them compared to who they share this release with, but as I listen to their a-side "Blank 60," it's not too far removed from Death Cab for Cutie's more recent records. Not bad. If you're lucky, you might still be able to buy a copy from Insound
Twitch Hazel
01. Nowhere
02. Chilled
03. Believe
04. Mention 
The Technical Jed
A. Blank 60
B. What 

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Michael said...

Thank you for all the Fudge and Fudge-related posts. One of the better bands to come from my city.