Monday, February 23, 2009

Screamfeeder Kitten Licks (1997/1999)

Here's another one of my back-pocket gemstones from the '90s. Screamfeeder crawled out of Brisbane, Australia in the early '90s. They would go on to record some eight albums at probably twice as many singles and eps. The first Screamfeeder album to drop in the U.S. was Blow Out Your Name, a decidedly grungy affair that was passable but not terribly affecting. By the time the band got around to their next Stateside release. Kitten Licks, you'd think they made a quantum leap, because in large part they had. Trading in the flavor of the month for the brand of tuneful distorto-rock that their home country brethren Pollyanna were simultaneously making their calling card as well. "Static" and "Dart" are worth the price of admission alone, but Kitten Licks is relatively consistant held up against the rest of the band's LPs. Screamfeeder never made an album like it before or after - bittersweet circumstances, much like the music it contains.

01. Static
02. Bridge Over Nothing
03. Dart
04. Bruises
05. Explode Your Friends
06. Down the Drinker
07. Summertime
08. Gravity
09. Ant
10. End of the Wire
11. Helen's Theme
12. Pigtails on a Rock

This has done been reissued with extra tracks!  Get it here or here.


Alex said...

such a great record!

Unknown said...

Since you mentioned Pollyanna: my purchase of Long Player and Junior Rock as a result of your blog came today.

Mr said...

Been loving everything on your site, and was about to suggest to you to check out screamfeeder cos I thought if you hadn't heard them you would like them. Then this! Spooky. If you don't have their Delusions Of Grandchildren ep, I would recommend it as possibly their finest recorded moment, a much quieter record than kitten licks, but beautiful and intense. Cheers for the most excellent treasures on your site.

Wazdog said...

i've been on a bit of a screamfeeder kick these past few months. i missed the whole 90's aussie indie thing, as i was engrossed in another style of music at the time. i got a lot of catching up to do.

Unknown said...

I love you! My missus just wiped my harddrive and I lost this superb album. Great when it came out, still great now. Thanks!

MyFace Figurines said...

Burn Out your Name was the name of the first US release!

Unknown said...

Your blog is amazing. You made me rediscover Pollyana.