Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Gas - Emotional Warfare (1981, Polydor)

Don't have too much background info on The Gas (or for that matter a physical copy of this record). It's safe to say that they were the product of the second wave of British punk, although Emotional Warfare's leadoff corker, "Devastated" is about as extreme as the Gas care to venture here. Definitely some Clash-y inclinations at moments, but it actually works to the group's advantage. Here's Trouser Press' two cents:

Frequently compared to Elvis Costello, and sometimes even to Graham Parker and the Clash, the Gas were more of the punk-pop-mod school of outfits like the Jam and Chords. Emotional Warfare, a ripping pop LP, shows the trio's sharp attack and some of the busiest music this side of the Buzzcocks. "Definitely Is a Lie" and "Losing my Patience" are the kind of aural pummels one never expects from music so catchy; similarly, the band's vitality masked the incredibly bitter lyrics by singer Donnie Burke, an intelligent yet disillusioned and terminally unsatisfied frontman. Imagine someone who'd been left in the lurch by a thousand women and you'd still have trouble imagining Burke's bleak anGerman By comparison, the young Costello seems complacent in comparison. Emotional Warfare indeed! (Jack Rabid)

Overall, a highly consistent record for connoisseurs of this period. You can also check out a Gas single here.

01. Devastated
02. The Outside
03. Possessions
04. The Finger
05. Love Bites
06. Losing My Patience
07. Definitely Is a Lie
08. Wasted Passion
09. Burning Inside
10. Treatment 


Kramer said...

Thanks but what happend to the sound?
The singels rip sounds about 10 times better

spavid said...

Couldn't tell you, I didn't rip it.

Leigh Heggarty said...

Great band, saw them many times, I think I've got every record the made! Must get them all onto CD one day...

Unknown said...

love the gas,,the guys,,the music,,the whole experience!!
see donny with road house dogs,,,still amazing to me!!!
love ya big bro!!!

japanesegodjesusrobot said...

Thanks for this. Do you have their 2nd Lp From the Cradle to the Grave?