Sunday, February 15, 2009

Classic Ruins - Ruins Cafe (1989, Presto)

Ever wonder what your local “bar band” would sound like if they acknowledged the likes of The Replacements and Ramones, just as much, if not more so than your typical beer-breath blues rock? Boston’s long-running Classic Ruins just might be a relatively close answer to such a quandary. Their second album, Ruins Cafe, (preceded by the recently re-released Lassie Eats Chickens) packs considerable firepower within the confines of it's staunchly no-frills poise, with side two's "This Means War" being my proverbial drink of choice. The band is still at it after some 30 years, with a handful of shows scheduled in the Massachusetts area, or thereabouts, for this winter/spring. Belly up to the bar, and tell 'em Wilfully Obscure sent ya.

01. Tony and Karen
02. Russian Hands
03. Hurt That Way
04. It Wasn't Too Late
05. Ruins Cafe
06. Hedda Humma
07. Don't Call Here
08. Lullabye of Boomland
09. This Means War
10. Nick of Time

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