Saturday, May 31, 2008

Singles Going Single #42 - Cars Get Crushed 7" (1996, Belmondo) +1

Welcome to my 200th posting! (Though admittedly some of the posts here were merely announcements or false alarms, but I digress). During the mid-to-late '90s, Berkeley, CA's Cars Get Crushed struck a sly balance between intricate math-rock and the more tuneful persuasions of the then mini emo/post hardcore movement. The band No Knife, contemporary to CGC, appeals to me as an accurate comparison, in terms of both jazz-informed maneuvers and dynamic, mid-fi rawk. Bestowing three LPs on a largely ignorant public, (the best of which being Blue and West), Cars Get Crushed were inconsistent over the course of their albums. Although the second cut on side-A, "Dust," is a throw-away instrumental, the remaining tracks on this single are downright quintessential. Better yet, as a bonus, I've included my fave CGC track, "The Stranger," taken from the Allied Records Invasion of the Indie Snatchers compilation, which is worth the price of admission and then some. 

A1. Dejavu
A2. Dust
B. Flavor
bonus: The Stranger  



LDP said...

This is a great 7", but even better still is the "Hey Sister Vampire" 7". Great stuff - I think it was on Deluxe....

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