Thursday, May 22, 2008

Singles Going Single #40 - Starvation Army "In the Red" 7" ep (1986, St. Valentine)

From my understanding, Starvation Army were something of a staple in the '80s Cleveland-area punk/hardcore scene. For better or worse, my firsthand knowledge of the band begins and ends with this 45, but I'm pretty confident that this four-piece were the stuff that Maximum 'N and Roll and KBD compilations were made for.Kicking things off is the mean, mid-tempo "Deep Sea Diver," suggesting what the Lime Spiders would have sounded like by way of the Sex Pistols "Submission." This leads into the breakneck, punk-as-fuck "Payback," a no-nonsense manifesto that makes it's point in 96 glorious seconds. The remaining cuts make for a blunted impact at best, but not enough to diminish the value of this disk as a whole. In the Red is a respectable memento of it's era, but hardly a classic. Consider yourselves warned. 

01. Deep Sea Diver
02. Payback
03. Bastard Town
04. Airborne

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Brushback said...

Holy f*ck! One of my favorite 7"-ers ever, plus I was just about to post this next week!

I'll still post it eventually-- I interviewed Starvation Army way back, and I've got photos to go with it...