Thursday, May 15, 2008

Singles Going Single #37 - Tinsel (1994, Esther)

This quartet may have hailed from Chapel Hill, during the halcyon '90s no less, but this platter would serve as a better appetizer for an Unwound binge, not Superchunk. Tinsel's noisenik rock is often ideal in small doses, and as such, this threefer single does the trick. In addition to this single, and at least one other, the band released two full-lengths, Finding the Perfect Gift in 1994, which you can read more about here (scroll down aways), and the improved Quit While You're Ahead two years later, both released on the small but esteemed Chapel Hill imprint, Jesus Christ Records. Truthfully, this is a lot more listenable than I'm making it out to be, and I swear, if you listen hard enough you can excavate the "song" buried in all that lo-fi, feedback haze.

A. Golden Retriever
B1. Fantasy Man (Love Revolution)
B2. Pelican Bay



Rinjo Njori! said...

I vaguely remember this band. I think they might have played with Velocity Girl back in the early 90s in NYC. Glad I can finally here them because I skipped out and people thought they were great.

spacebore said...

reupload, please?