Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lotion - s/t ep (1993, Kokopop) & s/t ep (1994, Big Cat)

Howdy folks. Kind of limited on time, so to cut to the chase, Lotion were a primo NYC indie, spewing forth a musical maelstrom over the course of three albums and numerous singles and eps during the '90s. Brandishing a none too shabby tuneful bag 'o tricks, Lotion's luscious power-pop inclinations made an indelible impression when I was introduced to their 1994 album, Full Isaac. Their third and final long-player '98s "Telephone" album, was even more of a corker, which I'd recommend even over their debut. The two self-titled ep's presented here (differentiated by the labels that issued them) were released circa-Full Isaac, and contain early incarnations of a few of the album's songs, as well a bevy on non-lp cuts that can only be found here. The 1994 UK import ep on Big Cat Records features a telling medley of Husker Du's "Flip Your Wig," and R.E.M.s Chronic Town chestnut, "Gardening at Night," pointing squarely where Lotion took some of their queues from. You can read a little more about the band here. Bon appetit!
Tear ep (1993, Kokopop Records)
01. Tear
02. Chrome Pkg.
03. 22+
04. Really Drunk
Lotion ep (1994, Big Cat Records)
01. Around
02. Juggernaut
03. Gardening Your Wig
04. Treat Me



Rinjo Njori! said...

I certainly wouldn't describe this as power pop. There are moments but for the most part this would fall more towards emo indie.

Adz said...
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Adz said...

Great post - I picked the Full Isaac LP up after reading an article about them in the NME of all places. It still gets spun to this day!

Never heard the 2 albums after that I don't think they got as well distributed in the UK.

Kouzie said...

Absolutely love Lotion. I think I've managed to track down every track they released.

Thanks for remembering them!

heyadamo said...

How did I know you would get to Lotion eventually?

There's another Kokopop EP that has a version of "Head" that just ***destroys*** the Full Isaac version, and I think FI is one the best albums of the 1990s. (Guess I'm just a sucker for Kurt Ralske's kitchen-sink-and-all production, as the production seems to be the sticking point for detractors.) Never got into the Telephone album, though -- my loss.

Willfully Obscure Forever!

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting, bud.

Egorich said...

re up please !

macmiddlebrooks1@gmail.com said...

Finally tracked down the Kokopop ep, but I'm still missing these. Can you re-up please?