Saturday, May 17, 2008

Singles Going Single #38 - Siren "In the Absence of the Sacred" 7" ep (1991, Mustardfield)

Poignantly recalling Avail and Fugazi’s, hook-rendered hardcore, with the emphasis on “hard,” Siren’s none too thinly veiled social commentary made for some of the finest thinking mans punk in the ‘90s. Their meager catalog, merely this 7” and the equally bristling Becoming Wheels lp that followed in 1996, convincingly did them justice, but left me craving more. Mouthpiece Brian Zero, made a name for himself as a columnist for Maximum Rock and Roll. As of 2006, I was aware that Brian was a substitute teacher, but as he likes to put it, “we’re all teachers.” To get a better idea of what makes the man tick, mosey on over here for a fairly verbose and in-depth interview. 

01. Potlatch
02. Seems to Say
03. Buy Our Fall
04. Some Words



kevinmc said...

Thanks for posting this online. I played in this band at that time, and in fact put this single out.

Ari Atari said...

These guys are doing a reunion show 6/25/11, this Saturday at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA. First show since 1997!

Kevin McCracken said...

hey, do you still have digital versions of this? I am happy to share my full archive of Siren stuff with you as well.