Thursday, May 8, 2008

Full Fathom Five - Multinational Pop Conglomerate (1989)

By popular request, Full Fathom Five's third and final album. This is the CD version with two bonus tracks. 16 friggin songs. Enjoy (or not).

01. Paint Another Picture
02. A Little Hope
03. My Friend George
04. American Machine
05. Babyland
06. A Purpose
07. Return to a Place Called Home
08. Talking About Business
09. Caroline
10. Pickup
11. Who's In Control Here Anyway
12. Mellow Song
13. Exit
14. Open Letter
15. She Lied
16. Night Watch



Julia Truchsess said...

This is one of my all-time favorite albums, and it hasn't gotten one bit stale after countless listening over lo these many years. Much, much more than power-pop, there is great depth here. The pacing is superb - after the first four anthemic rockers the album gets progressively darker starting with Babyland. Darker, but never bogged down, never self-important or pretentious. After the lightweight ditty "A Purpose", "Return to a Place Called Home" slams into your ears like a freight train, and subsequent tracks never let up, through the triumphant riffs of "Who's in Control Here, Anyway", to the ebullient "She Lied", culminating in the haunting denouement of "Night Watch". Multilayered, rich and varied, the textures these Iowa boys conjured here never fail to surprise, delight, and move this listener. A brilliantly crafted true masterpiece, sadly overlooked by the world at large. I'd like to thank these guys for making it.

spavid said...

Link has been updated.

lolo said...


Could be possible to re-up this and the other 2 albums by this band/

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