Thursday, May 22, 2008

Singles Going Single #39 - Dynamic Truths (1998, Merge)

Singles with attractive sleeves by virtually unknown artists, priced at $1.00 or less = grist for Wilfully Obscure, and I have to say, this was a gamble that paid off. Dynamic Truths were a Richmond, VA band helmed by Bob Schick, former front-man for Honor Roll and Coral, if that means anything to you, which it very well might not, but I digress. If ragged, indie guitar-rawk a la early-Superchunk is your speed, "You Take It All," will be a little slice o' salvation if there ever was one. The flip, "Profit From Loss," departs on a different trajectory, trading some of the A-side's melody for loftier, more hypnotic environs that these mere words simply cannot do justice to.  

A. You Take It All
B. Profit From Loss



Anonymous said...

it had been a long time i wanted to listen to this. great stuff! thanks a lot!

greetings from brazil,

Dave G said...

There is a long lost full length cd about to be released.