Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Silos - About Her Steps (Record Collect, 1985)

I never bought into the hype surrounding The Silos major label debut in 1990. To a modest extent, they were touted as the next poster children of college radio. Whether that actually came to pass is water under the highest of bridges at this point, but at the time, the Silo’s faint rootsy swagger didn’t sway me.

Although I’m an exceedingly late bloomer to the Silo’s first album (more like mini album) About Her Steps, this is almost precisely what I wanted them to sound like all along.

This eight-song jewel brings to mind such Austin, TX “new sincerity” luminaries as The True Believers and Texas Instruments, even hinting at the Feelies and Velvets. A few pockets of pedal steel and violin, not to mention an undercurrent of sweet jangle helps seal the deal, adding more than enough icing to your proverbial cake. A near-stellar collection. As for the blurry album sleeve, that 's the band's doing, not mine.

01. Shine it Down
02. 4 Wanted Signs
03. Susan
04. Start the Clock
05. A Few Hundred Thank You's
06. Now That I've Lost You
07. Seeing Blue
08. Heart & Soul 


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bglobe313 said...

This is one great lp/ep. Got it based on the Village Voice review. Bought it in St. Louis while visiting Mimi. Since then we've both loved it, and now our daughter does too.