Friday, January 25, 2008

Singles Going Single # 8 - The Shins - Nature Bears a Vacuum 7'' ep (Omnibus, 1998)

Chances are , someone is already hosting this on some MP3 blog(s) out there, or for that matter on any number of run amok file sharing apps. Not only that, I'll even go a step further and bet there's a more listenable version of this 4-song ep floating around, as admittedly, my personal copy lends itself to some slight vinyl noise, including a pesky "pop" or two.

Essentially, I didn't realize I even had this in my collection until a few weeks ago, when I was rummaging through some records for my Singles Going Single series. I suppose this is my way of celebrating this find. Released on Omnibus Records in 1998, this vinyl-only ep was presumably limited to a 1000 copies or so in it's initial pressing. It was reissued several years later, but even that batch of wax has flown off of record store shelves and Ebay by now. It's a secret too good to keep to myself, so enjoy. 
01. Those Bold City Girls
02. Eating Styes From Elephants' Eyes
03. We Built a Raft and We Floated
04. My Seventh Rib 


Darin Lomsdalen said...

Hey I tried to do a download of the Shins from there Nature Bear album, unable too. Anyway I could get a copy at all? I could litely compensate for your time and shipping????

Anonymous said...

would it be possible for me to purchase your copy of the Nature Bears a Vacuum EP? i would be willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money to get my hands on a copy - it is by far my favourite Shins record.

if you're interested, you can get in touch with me at (funnily enough..)


ThisIsDanni said...

nice blog! was just wondering whether you could help me on something. do you know what the story is with the blue tinged copies and the black/grey [which I have] copies? was just wondering whether you knew what was the reissue and original. thanks!

Unknown said...

You are totally awesome. Thanks for posting this!