Sunday, January 13, 2008

Various - Case Closed? - An International Tribute to Hüsker Dü (1994)

While the Replacements have inspired no less than five tribute albums, Hüsker Dü aficionados have a lot of catching up ahead of them. Case Closed? is merely one of only two Hüsker covers albums, the other being, Dü Hüskers: The Twin Cities Replay Zen Arcade, the content of which is limited to the band's 1984 double concept-lp (in it's entirety) as it's title no doubt implies.

If name recognition is your barometer for a worthy tribute album (and really, who's isn't?) you would almost be forgiven for taking a pass on this one. Case Closed? was issued on the European Snoop Records label in 1994, with it's limited distribution stateside, only outdone by it's dearth of American participants. In fact, you can count all the Yanks on one hand: Alloy,Sick of It All, and the always superb Big Drill Car. Nevertheless, one of your favorite Hüsker songs is bound to be among one of the 23 selections within. Despite the lineup of career punk/hardcore acts, most stay faithful to Bob Mould and Grant Hart's arrangements.
01-NRA - In A Free Land
02-Terry Hoax - Dead Set On Destruction
03-Sick Of It All - Target
04-Alloy - Out On A Limb
05-Mink Stole - Tell You Why Tomorrow
06-Rubbermaids - I Apologize
07-Jonas Jinx - Something I Learned Today
08-Only Living Witness - Too Far Down
09-Motorpsycho - New Day Rising
10-D.I. - The Biggest Lie
11-Upset Noise - It's Not Funny Anymore
12-Breszinski - Turn On The News
13-2 Bad - What's Going On
14-Richies - Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
15-Baysix - Hardly Getting Over It
16-Big Drill Car - Celebrated Summer
17-Balance - Makes No Sense At All
18-Gigantor - Green Eyes
19-The Strangemen - Diane
20-Alison Ate - Never Talking To You Again
21-Vanilla Chainsaws - Ice Cold Ice
22-Engrained - I'll Never Forget You
23-Medfield M.A. - No Reservations