Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Singles Going Single #3 - Ian McCulloch (1984, Korova)

Until a few years ago, I didn't realize that Ian "Echo" McCulloch released a one-off solo 45 prior to his splendid 1989 solo album, Candleland. You'd be amazed at the revelations that transpire when wading through boxes and boxes of used 7"s at Amoeba Records, but I digress. This Ocean Rain-era artifact features two vintage covers: Kurt Weills "September Song," and the traditional folk tune, "Cockles and Mussels," that finds McCulloch getting his croon on as only he can. It was a wise decision for McCulloch to distance himself from the Bunnymen for this rather out-of-character single. It does little to add or detract to his legacy, rather it's more of an eccentric oddity for his most dedicated fans.

a. September Song
b. Cockles and Mussels



Zuvok_2 said...

I had this as a '78 from Korova. It got warped pretty bad so I haven't heard this in years.

Thnak You Very Much!

Zuvok_2 said...

I used to have this as a '78 from Korva. I really like these versions.

My copy incidentally got warped pretty bad. For some reason reminds me of the Pogues and Monty Python.


Ross Brown said...

Hey, can you pls repost the Ian McCulloch single? Thx.

spavid said...

Link is updated.