Thursday, January 17, 2008

Waxing Poetics - Hermitage (1986 Trumpeter/Emergo)

The Norfolk, VA based Waxing Poetics were yet another Mitch Easter production from the '80s that fell by the wayside. In fact, on this particular album, REM's Mike Mills assisted Mr. Easter on Hermitage, which also happens to be the Poetics debut. And for a debut, it's pretty decent, but not what you would deem revelatory. Playing resplendent, collegiate indie-rock, Waxing Poetics fell into the same realm as Guadalcanal Diary and The Connells. Some of Hermitage's more fetching moments, like "If You Knew Sushi," and "Distinction," place a particular emphasis on rhythm - a faculty many of their contemporaries were seemingly averse to.

Waxing Poetics went onto to records two more LPs, 1988's Manakin Moon (which featured an upbeat remake of Brian Eno's "Needles in the Camel's Eye") and Bed Time Story in '90. Some of their CDs fetch a decent amount of money on Ebay, if that means anything to you... 
01-Beauty & the Beatitudes
02-If You Knew Sushi
03-Living Chairs (Going Through the Walls)
04-Friday's Child
07-Walking on Thin Legs
08-Mrs. Dance's Skeleton
09-This Parade
11-A Year By Air 
Update: Hermitage is now available through Amazon Downloads and iTunes.


prophetsandpopstars said...

Oh man, thanks for posting this record. I used to go see them at the boathouse in high school. I don't mean to sound greedy, but do you happen to have Manakin Moon?

spavid said...

I think I have Manakin in MP3 format. If the quality is satisfactory, I'll try to get it up in the near future.

Dan said...

All I can say is..."wow" ...thanks!! been trying to get this for years. Anyone who needs "Manakin Moon" or "Bedtime Story" please contact me......Oh...BTW, in one of my hardup broke moments, I sold my cd of Bedtime Story to none other than Dave Middleton on Ebay...had a nice correspondence with him.

prophetsandpopstars said...

sounds great! thanks much!


dangerclose said...

thanks for posting this--i miss this band