Sunday, January 20, 2008

Singles Going Single #7 - Four Point Star (1994, Broken Rekids)

San Francisco's Four Point Star were an unpolished gem, who didn't hang around long enough to show off their luster. I'd like to be proven wrong, but this three-cut 7" ep is apparently the only record of what I'm assuming was a much too fleeting existence. Approximating Hüsker Dü by way of Versus, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Four Point Star were compatriots with fellow 'Frisco natives, J Church. In fact, I'd put money on it.

FPS's lo-fi, fuzz-addled indie punk is best evidenced by this single's exuberant a-side, "Stranger's Ways." A roughhewn, but joyously melodic pop nugget that I saw fit to graft onto many a mix tape at the time. The flipside's angular "Wait/Wasted," and "Slow Reaction," pale slightly in the wake of such a hot leadoff track, but no matter. This single is still worth it's weight in gold.
A1. Stranger's Ways
B1. Wait/Wasted


Punk Rock Daddy said...

Hey, here's the link for ALL's Percolater:

Sorry but my copy of Trailblazer was borrowed and wasn't returned yet. As soon as I get it back, I'll upload it.
And I'll ask my friends if they have Big Drill Car coz I don't.

Btw, I'll be adding you to my blog links.

I like your posts, keep it up!

Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks for the mention! This is Jeff the guitarist/singer for 4ps. A buddy alerted me to this blog. yes, it was the only thing we put out back, back in the indie 90's. We played a lot with J-church, Corduroy and Carlos who all have nifty 7's from that era and also inhabit the post-husker-noise sphere. The drummer went on to be in Me First (not and the gimme) who put out lp's 7"'s also on broken. The bass player went on to any number of post Caroliner (ie: the band) projects. Anyways, if anybody is interested in getting a copy, email me or just peruse the used 7" bins, I'm sure a copy always pops up. Thanks for the mention

spavid said...

Hi Jeff,

Wow, thanks for your imput! Word gets around fast doesn't it? I'm relieved you didn't object : )

Again, it's a great 'lil record. You are welcome to email me anytime - just check my profile. Cheers!