Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Trace - Chilling With Binky (1988, Skeptical Rodent)

The Trace were three Philly kids, who to their good fortune had more creativity and spirit than most of their contemporaries.  Skittish, funked-up syncopation finds it's way into virtually every nook and cranny on Chilling With Binky, a record that offers more than a wink and nod to the likes of the Minutemen, early Poster Children, and even Britain's APB.  Akin to the penchant of the aforementioned, the Trace baked their own indigenous footprint into the cake.  All manner of addictive rhythms aside, "Telling Signs," "Monkey Tune," and "This Time," function marvelously on their own tuneful merits.  Was pleasantly surprised by this one, and hope you are too.

01. No Horizons
02. What You're Looking For
03. Telling Signs
04. Paradise
05. This Time
06. Monkey Tune
07. Cover Girl
08. Too Late
09. Mary Knows
10. D.C.S.
11. Humphrey