Friday, July 5, 2013

Cube Steak 7" (1993, Matt Label)

Here's a complete and total cold case, ripped from one of the most rewarding '90s music scenes, Chapel Hill, NC.  Too bad I don't have a shred of info to go on, because Cube Steak dish out three choice cuts of indie rock, a la the Spinanes sans the downer vibe.  An appreciation for contemporaries Versus and Edsel also seems to be evident.  Their lineup involves one girl (Madeleine) who trades off on vocals with one of the two lads (Billy or Chris), presumably the one that doubles as guitarist.  Highly satisfying tunes, all possessing, to one extent or another, that indigenous Chapel Hill moxie we've come to know and revere.

A1. Lunar Cycles
A2. Urchin
B. Ready-mix


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