Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bitter Pleasures - Eat the Monument ep (1983)

Here's a self-released ep from a Madison, WI quartet, and yes, this was recorded at Smart Studios and Butch Vig had a hand in recording it.  On renovated, Merseybeat jewels like "My My My" and "Guilt Reaction," Bitter Pleasures carry themselves in a manner that would do the Left Banke proud.  The pumping bass line that drives "The Collision Within" might as well have been plucked from one of the first two Arthur Lee and Love albums, while "For a Little While" closes this affair out in comparatively '80s power pop fashion.  A couple other blogs beat me to the punch on this one, but this is taken from my own rip... which unfortunately suffers from some surface noise that I will hopefully be able to rectify at some point. 

01. My My My
02. Respect For Silence
03. Idler's Lament
04. The Collision Within
05. Guilt Reaction
06. For a Little While


crabbydad said...

Saw these guys in college, circa 1983. "My My My" was a goto for mix tapes back in the day. Solid album.

Frank Miller said...

Nice One, this has been on my post pile for about a year now. I never got around to it; I guess now I don't have too. Great record and long time fav. Thank You

spavid said...

You're welcome. Too bad there isn't more where this came from.

bglobe313 said...

References to The Left Banke and Arthur Lee's Love, well that means I have got to check it out.

I am confident I can give you a "thanks for posting" even before I listen.

Ace K.

Bruce K. said...

Well, nine months later I am finally actually listening to this and it is really quite good. Definitely makes one wish for more.

Once again, thanks for doing the work and making this available.

PoodleHead2005 said...

Can you re-up this, please? Thanks.

spavid said...

The link has been updated.

PoodleHead2005 said...

Thank you! :)

Unknown said...

This was my dad's band out of wisconsin