Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rods and Cones - New Breed (1988, Invasion)

With one foot in the garage and the other in the bar, Rods and Cones bore a passing resemblance to one of their Boston brethren, Classic Ruins.  However in the case of the Rods, their population doubled the aforementioned, thus upping the boisterous quotient considerably.  Speaking of which, yelper Chris Kelley ain't shy about exuding the occasional growl and howl, and such theatrics go a long way in defining his band's party-down enthusiasm.  It's hard to say if New Breed was fielded towards college or AOR playlists...or both.  Neither strike me as entirely fitting   The term "Rods and Cones" may not be of any recognition to you (unless you're an ophthalmologist) but even though this six-piece doesn't approach things from a cerebral vantage point, New Breed is a rollicking, vivacious rock and roll album, the likes of which we don't hear very often these days.

01. Rumors of a War
02. New Breed
03. Only a Night
04. Nothing to Hold Onto
05. Mistakes
06. Education in Love
07. Forbidden Fruit
08. Push and Shove
09. Waves of Love
10. The Cool Feel of Brick