Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Dickies - 941 Theater, Philadelphia, PA 1/3/09

Why a random Dickies concert?  Why not?  I've dedicated relatively little space to this jokey, L.A. pop-punk entity, and since I've accumulated a number of shows by them I figured I would share this.  Hard to believe, but at the time of this recording the Leonard Graves, Stan Lee and their revolving cast of cohorts had been in existence for over 30 years, and they're still plugging away (strictly as a touring act I should add).  Creatively, they haven't exactly conjured up a wealth of material in the past fifteen-or-so years, and their live set has bordered on the routine, relying on the same covers, gags, etc.  However if you've never seen them in person, you're missing out on a rollicking experience, some of which I hope translates from this 2009 Philly gig.  Plenty of Dickies classics are revisited, including melodious slammers like "Manny Moe and Jack," "Give it Back," and "My Pop the Cop"  Live video footage specific to the show can be experienced via the miracle of YouTube


Rosemary/Jim Bowie/I'm Ok/See My Way/Nights in White Satin/Got it at the Store/spiel/Give it Back/Paranoid/Waterslide/Manny, Moe and Jack/My Pop the Cop/You Drive Me Ape/Going Homo/Poodle Party/Bowling With Bedrock Barney/If Stuart Could Talk/Gigantour/Rockin' in the Free World/Banana Splits/Eve of Destruction

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Robert Nagle said...

I just wanted to say that despite my lack of commenting, I have faithfully been downloading all your Netkups-hosted stuff and have started listening to it.

This is one of my first "Oh wow!" discoveries. Great irreverent punk (You have another Dickies download btw). I'll definitely try to check out their earlier stuff.