Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Watch: Drowner's "Written"

Word went out yesterday from Saint Marie Records HQ that we've been given the go-ahead to host Drowner's video for "Written," a choice nu-gazey nugget from their expanded, self-titled ep.  This shimmering dream-pop pearl with a hook to die for will hit the spot for anyone who hasn't gotten the Cocteau Twins or Medicine out of their consciousness.  The clip is below, as is a brief review of Drowner I penned for issue 70 of Big Takeover magazine, available soon!

Either this co-ed Houston quartet are right on time for the umpteenth dream-pop revival, or staggeringly late for the genre’s late ‘80s inception.  Take your pick I suppose!  Drowner’s prime mover Anna Bouchard is so completely evocative of Elizabeth Fraser, you might mistake this disk for a Cocteau Twins reunion record.  If anything else Drowner are ethereal and pristine to a fault – so much so that when their shoegazy latticework ascends to perilously delicate heights, the effect occasionally backfires into a thin, languid malaise.  Still, heftier pieces, like “Written” and “Here,” elicit enough firepower to compensate for some of these lulls. Overall, Drowner are a solid thumbs up.

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