Monday, April 9, 2012

Theory on Blondes - Better Things tape (1990)

A theory on blondes you say?  Can't help you there, but I've got one on redheads.  We'll save that for another time perhaps.  Aside from the copy on the cassette sleeve, there is nil info to be had on Theory On Blondes, a co-ed quartet from Evanston, IL, helmed by one Hilary SchroederBetter Things offers three riff-happy, pop rockin' originals, and two not-so-obvious remakes.  When I say "Vapors cover" you'd be perfectly in your right mind to assume "Turning Japanese," but guess what?  TOB delve a little further into New Clear Days and resuscitate one of that album's deeper cuts, "Trains," doing more than enough justice to it if you ask me.  The Vapors homage is quickly followed up by their spin on Angel City's "The Moment."  In regards to the songs Theory penned by themselves, the title track is this tape's easy winner.  A tad wet behind the ears, TOB were nonetheless demonstrably rewarding, delivering plenty of fun minus the frivolities.  I've got another tape from this bunch ready to go, if any of ya'll are interested that is.

01. Keep Your Knees Together
02. Better Things
03. Trains
04. The Moment
05. The Nightmare Song

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