Sunday, April 29, 2012

Motocaster - Stay Loaded (1994, Interscope)

Don't have much time for a write-up tonight, but this one was requested on the heals of my share of a vintage Motocaster single from a few weeks ago.  Changing their name from the ill-advised moniker of Motorolla, this ever so economic power trio weren't your average Chapel, NC denizens.  Yes, they brought the rawk big time, but they weren't vying for college radio airplay or a slot at SXSW, so much as they wanted to blaring out of car stereos in 7-ll parking lots.  Stay Loaded was one of the most unaffected major label releases of its era, consistently cranked up to a rolling boil, and grizzled to perfection.  Good times.

01. The Buddha
02. The Habit
03. Straightfaced
04. Farah
05. Broken Eyes
06. Pull the Plug
07. Uranus
08. Dual-Active
09. Truth
10. Motorolla Blues
11. Sweet Pearl


bglobe313 said...

The Buddha can't possibly be the Buddha Buddha song by Rick Rock that I understand was big down in the N.C. area? (I think there's some Mitch Easter connection to Rick Rock.) A recording of that Buddha Buddha is on YouTube.


bglobe313 said...

Just looked further and I guess it wasn't Easter, it was Dixon, with the connection to Rick Rock (who was Parthenon Huxley).

You can see a live video of that Buddha song, opening for REM on YouTube.

Ace K. (getting even more off target)

Mr_Crass said...

Could Acid Rock ep be far behind?

spavid said...

I'm totally ignorant to the Rick Rock connection...sorry!

And I'm afraid I don't have Acid Rock. I'm coming up a little short in the "Rock" department today.

bglobe313 said...


1. Not the same Buddha.

2. As for the recording, a little too "intense" for me. But I can see how folks with different tastes could find this quite satisfying.

Ace K.

mattp said...

Fantastic album,have a listen to it everyone.
Acid Rock is a little different,sometimes I like it better than Stay Loaded.

Unknown said...

They were even better live. I was lucky enough to catch them several times in NYC in the early 90's. Super cool guys to talk to and like me the drummer John was a huge Keith moon fan and had the COOLEST style where he seemed to float them flying sticks over the whole kit. Bo on guitar and vocals was cool but kind of too laid back. Brian was superb bass player who I hope continued to play. I have Acid Rock but have no idea how to maximize the file quality. Any help ?

JH Boob said...

Hey is there any chance of a reup of this? Thanks!

J said...

Yes, any chance this could be uploaded once more? Thank you for all your fine work!