Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Singles Going Single #187 - Bust 7" (1996, Radiopaque)

Not a shred of info to be found online regarding Bust, a D.C. area trio whose record came courtesy of the same imprint that brought us the Starry Eyes ep (Sarah Shannon/Velocity Girl), and the Guided By Voices/Girls vs. Boys split ep.  Joyce M. Raskin fronts the band with brother Stephen manning the guitar, and a bloke named Silas Green rounding things out on percussion.  From the sound of both sides of this wax, Bust had a firm indie modus operandi, boasting the edgy pop accessibility of Fuzzy, and to a lesser extent Kim Deal.  Throw in a modicum of post-riot grrrl musculature for added effect and you've got a real keeper on your hands.  More irresistible with each listen.

A. Spin Up!
B. I'm Better



Ostrakos said...

I wrote you a few months ago asking about this one and said you didn't have it...I'm tickled you found a copy because these are two great songs and I was sad when my copy got too scratched up to play.

spavid said...

Really? I don't recall, Ostrakos. Was this in an email or did you leave your request as a comment? At any rate, glad I was able to fulfill your request. Do you know if Bust had anything else out?

Erik said...

Joyce Raskin is the name of the bassist from Scarce, and she does have a brother mentioned in his book named Steven. But in her book, she mentions nothing of a band called Bust.

Ostrakos said...

I sent you an e-mail. As far as I know, this was all Bust ever did. I'm pretty sure they never played live either.

Anonymous said...

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