Monday, October 31, 2011

The Animated - 4 Song EP (1981, Play)

The Animated, presumably from the environs of Los Angeles, kick their 1981 ep off with "Edith C. Sharp," a wondrous synthesis of The Dickies, Mission of Burma and Polyrock (remember them)?  They don't particularly adhere to that recipe for the remainder of the record, but their quirky spin on all the essential facets that made the golden age of punk/power-pop as much fun and adventurous as it was is truly appreciated and warrants your attention.  Just four fleeting tunes hovering around the two minute mark is all we're treated to, which doubly stings when you consider this was pressed as a 33 instead of the sonically preferable 45 rpm that it painlessly could have been (for crying out loud, they had a full 12" to work with).  My copy has a slight warp in it, which seems to create some excess surface noise, but without marring the audio quality of the songs themselves.

01. Edith C. Sharp
02. Plastic Heaven
03. High School
04. Looking at You