Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Hippycrickets - Inconceivable!!! (1997, No Tomorrow)

Not quite as chipper as their namesake might imply (check out the relatively brooding opener "Matter of Time") Atlanta's Hippycrickets turned in this sturdy chunk 'o power pop, circa 1997.  Comparisons to the Beatles, Smithereens and Plimsouls have all been leveled at the feet of this now ostensibly dissolved outfit, and while the depth and breadth of Inconceivable!!! isn't as lofty as any of the aforementioned, The Hippycrickets were if anything else competent and consistent to a fault.  The group's cobwebbed Angelfire (remember them?) page notes that as of 2000 a follow-up album was in the offing, but I don't think any pertinent updates have made since then,  You may remember the Hippycrickets contribution ("Margaret Says") to the Paul Collins curated Pop Matters compilation.  That track also surfaces on here in a slightly altered incarnation. 

01. Matter of Time
02. How Can I?
03. Just Friends
04. Margaret Sez
05. It's Over
06. Fall Again
07. Calling Colleen
08. I'll Try
09. Don't Bother Me
10. I Guess You'll Never Know

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Bhug said...

I'll be looking for this record. Thank you.