Thursday, May 19, 2011

Various - This Ain't the Plimsouls (It's Just a Matter of Time) (1991, Zero Hour)

Due to time constraints this isn't going to be a terribly elaborate write-up, but given that it's a tribute album, I suppose things are kind of self explanatory to begin with.  The 21-song This Ain't the Plimsouls pays homage to the band in question, and although I can't say it's uniformly excellent, the good news is that your favorite Plimsouls song is almost certain to be adapted here (most likely by a group you've never heard of).  Zero Hour Records was/is based in Australia, and as such there are plenty of Oz participants making an appearance here, but there's plenty of Yankee blood to be relished as well, including a couple of my personal faves, Head Candy and the Dangtrippers.  Many tracks are interspersed with clips from a Plimsouls radio interview, wherein the Peter Case and Co. were in a particularly wise-ass mood.

Australia's co-ed Fear of Falling were bestowed the honor of giving the Plim's signature song, "A Million Miles Away" a fresh coat of paint.  Not to knock them, but I know of another rendition of that song that I find to be far more satisfactory, and I've included it as a bonus (which I've opted not to list below).  Hope ya like.

01-Chopper - Hush Hush
02-The Wishniaks - Now
03-The Mandrakes - Everywhere At Once
04-The Sick Rose - Shakey City
05-Fear Of Falling - A Million Miles Away
06-Los Valendas - I Want What You Got
07-The Diehards - In This Town
08-The Chevelles - Zero Hour
09-The Crusaders - Magic Touch
10-The Slaters - Oldest Story In The World
11-The 27 Various - Great Big World
12-Head Candy - Lost Time
13-The Dangtrippers - Inch By Inch
14-The Pyramidiacs - Everyday Things
15-Lonely Hearts - Play The Breaks
16-The Barbarellas - How Long Will It Take
17-The Plunderers - I'll Get Lucky
18-Slep & The Redhouse - Hypnotized
19-The Clockwatchers - Nickles And Dimes
20-The Kryptonics - I Want You Back
21-The Droogs - Hobo
22-interview snippit


Let's Find H-Man A Wife said...

Tribute albums are cool. And the Plimsouls with the great Peter Case were cool, too; thank you

George said...

ha another of my labels releases on a blog. was going to reissue this but.. fuck it.

spavid said...

Don't let me stop you George! If you need me to pull the plug, just say the world.

George said...

no.. it's cool. i got better reissues to get out.. keep it up. I linked your rapidshare to my webpage if that's okay.