Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Singles Going Single #173 - Araby 7" ep (1994, Red Dawg)

If this Clayton, CA crew didn't have at least a couple Dischord Records titles within arms reach then I don't know what to tell ya.  As was the case with likeminded Cali predecessors Fuel, Araby retooled some of that Embrace/Rites of Spring logic and let it gestate under the hard boiled West Coast sun.  The result is three slices of competant and satisfactory, if not terribly exceptional post-hardcore punk with some well worn influences.  Pump those emo fists in the air and rock out to Araby.

A1. Bled Dry
A2. To Blame Myself
B. The Angry Moon


tony party said...

Cool post! I remember when this came out and was being toted as the people from Scherzo & John Henry West band.

spavid said...

Thanks. I think I have the Scherzo album on CD somewhere. Was unaware of the connection.

static said...

Yep. Araby was the drummer and guitar/vocalist (me) of Scherzo after we broke up. I was also in John Henry West concurrent with this release. The bassist, second guitar, and I (of Araby) went on to form Mercury in the late 90s. We're still doing music now under a different moniker but have resolved to mostly bedroom recordings and the like.

Thanks for posting this. I didn't have a digital copy yet but still have ~100 records sitting in my closet. :)