Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Lotions - s/t ep (1981, Stork)

It's hard to believe this record is 30 friggin years old, but the real irony is that a band from deep in the heart of Texas (Austin) had such a pronounced ska/bossa nova-lite bent to them.  That's The Lotions for you, who were helmed by one Alan Monsarrat, who continues to perform in a present day country/roots rock/reggae conglomerate, Stop the Truck.  A cover of the Seeds Nuggets-era classic, "Pushin' Too Hard" is an unlikely one for the Rasta-seeped Lotions, yet little is lost in the translation.  The three originals that round out this ep (with the naggingly catchy "Just Like a King" being the cream of the crop) strike me as a bit pedestrian. Then again, this could have been relatively innovative in it's day. 

01. Pushin' Too Hard
02. Groovin' Song
03. Get Up (Don't Get Down)
04. Just Like a King



Booker said...

Good lord man I've been looking for this album for YEARS! It's so right on the fringe of my memory i thought I'd made it up. What a happy tune. Thanks for preserving it!!!!

Paul said...
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spavid said...

Glad I could be of help.

Paul said...

Thanks for posting this, Get Up (Don't get down) was a minor local hit when this came out. My memories of them (I was in 9th grade) was that they were a Nuevo Waveo party band like Joe "King" Carasco, played a lot of frat parties I think. Reggae had a big presence in Austin in the early 80's, a lot of the touring bands came through town.