Monday, April 4, 2011

The Probers - Mad At the World ep (1982, Hyperion)

I may not have of a wealth of background info to regale you with regarding this seven-piece Rhode Island set, but I do know a rock solid power pop disk when I hear one, and The Probers near-30 year old Mad at the World ep is the cats meow.  Plenty of rollicking fun here, and very much of the era I might add.  "Betsy," "Tell Me," and "Take It Like a Man" recall the finest work of their (slightly) more renown contemporaries, The A's and Donnie Iris, and while we're at, thrown in a dash of candy-coated pop sheen a la the Rubinoos.  It's seems someone has posted a non-LP Probers track via a makeshift video on YouTube, and as a bonus you can glean a little bit more about the band in the rather lengthy comments section.

01. And Violets Are Blue
02. Betsy
03. Mad at the World
04. Anonymous Affair
05. Tell Me
06. Take It Like a Man


Unknown said...

Hi, I just bought this vinyl at a local shop about 3 months ago. Nice post..I had it on the list to post as well, so that's one less to rip...nice write up...cheers.


spavid said...

I guess us music bloggers tend tp pull the rug out from under each other once in awhile. Glad that I was able to save you some time.

alanamaniac said...

Hey appreciate your blog, think you can re-up this one? Thx

Unknown said...

If you want to know more about this Rhode Island band, join our Facebook page, just type in The Probers, and stay tuned because it's NOT over