Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Junk Monkeys - Kick Out the Jelly! (1988, Happy Face)

Their long-gone. hometown brethren The MC5 may have had the gumption to Kick Out the Jams, but dammit, The Junk Monkeys opted to Kick Out the Jelly, and all the better for it if you ask me. This is an exceedingly belated follow-up to my November 2007 post of the Junk Monkey's Five Star Fling album. I've been sitting on a sealed copy of this vinyl-exclusive "maxi-ep" for years, but recently a friend mailed me his own rip, so I had little excuse to procrastinate any further. Check out the aforementioned Five Star Fling post for what little biographical info I can offer, but the short story is that the Monkeys had a lot more in common with the Replacements and the Magnolias than Rob Tyner and Co. Jelly was the first of five Junk Monkey's releases, and though not totally representative of their later work all the right ingredients, albeit somewhat latent were all here. BTW, five of the cuts here wound up on the Monkey's Soul Cakes compilation, which in itself is almost as scare as this disk.

01. Medicine
02. So American
03. Fallin' Out
04. Today Is Summer
05. I Couldn't Smile
06. One More Drink
07. I Want More



pushrod said...

Great post...i forgot about the 2 tracks that were not included on Soul Cakes.

DeadBilly said...

I had just started asking some old friends if anyone still had a copy of this, and here you go posting it. Thanks for this.

Any chance you have their cover on Thin Lizzy's "Cowboy Song"? It was only issued on a split 7" with a John Wesley Harding song on the other side.

spavid said...

I have the spit 7" w/ John Wesley Harding somewhere. Perhaps for a future upload.

Unknown said...

Any chance of a reupload of this?