Friday, January 30, 2009

Auto Interiors - No Frill Haloflight (2001, self released)

For all three of you reading this who are acquainted with Auto Interiors, it's a safe bet that their 2007 album, Let's Agree to Deceive Our Best Friends on Rykodisc was your introduction. This album, in fact, has a predecessor, the 2001 self-released No Frill Haloflight, and what a corker it is! Throughout it's eleven songs, the Interiors expel buzzing, yet occasionally dreamy indie-guitar rock with tuneful abandon, harkening to the likes of Superdrag, Gem, The Wrens, and Monsterland. Some pretty arcane references I just rattled off there, I know, but to the unconverted and otherwise, take a few minutes to investigate Auto Interiors. Below is a review for their most recent offering, the forementioned Let's Agree... which I penned for Big Takeover magazine a couple years ago.

Having made a name for themselves as one of the premier reissue labels on the planet, Rykodisc rarely throw their weight around a contemporary band, especially a seemingly out of nowhere act like Auto Interiors. Hailing from Boston (where else, given their Rykodisc credentials?) the Interiors are a respectable four-piece guitar outfit who play it straight down the middle, although rumor has it that they’re reformed shoegazers. They definitely have their antecedents in 80s indie/college rock, but no heavy-handedness to speak of. There’s some Mascis-esque chord-bending happening intermittently, and Eric Waxwood vocals approach Matthew Sweet and Velvet Crush, but it’s more by coincidence than intention. Auto Interiors don’t really overdo anything on Let’s Agree…but ultimately this album is enjoyable, just not flooring.

A brief interview with Auto Interiors can be read here.

01. Green Arrow
02. Cryptic Boy Son Blues
03. Something Good
04. Drama Queen
05. Shooting Flares
06. Simply Saucer
07. Brandywine
08. Aero-Tower Shop
09. Lose Your Pill
10. Sylvia Lately
11. Glitter Suit

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Unknown said...

This is really good stuff. Monsterland was a good call; I'd also riyl The Ropers and Amazing Letdowns-era Lilys. Thanks for posting!