Friday, January 23, 2009

Blake Babies - Nicely, Nicely (1987, Chewbud/Mammoth)

Here's a lazy, but thoughtful upload to tide you over 'til I'm able to transfer more wax to digital. Nicely, Nicely was the first release from Juliana Hatfield, Freda Boner (now Freda Love), and John Strohm, collectively known as the Blake Babies. At present, their entire catalog is out of print, but for awhile, this "macro" ep was going for a nice wad of cash, however according to the usual suspects, it somehow has become more affordable. Waning interest perhaps? At any rate, the Blake Babies nascent recordings were competitive enough to win a loyal local following. The rest is history. Newcomers would be advised to check out the excellent Babies' summary, Innocence and Experience first for all the classics.

01. Wipe It Up
02. Her
03. Tom and Bob
04. A Sweet Buger LP (live at Harvard Univ)
05. Bye (live at Harvard Univ)
06. Let Them Eat Chewy Granola Bars
07. Julius Fast Body
08. Better 'n You (w/ Evan Dando)
09. Swill and the Cocaine Sluts


WhatTS said...

Thanks for this and keep the BB coming - 'Earwig' perhaps next? It's all piled up here on vinyl or tape so what didn't make 'Innocence and Experience' don't get the listens they should

Unknown said...

thanks for saving me the vinyl rip! i knew someone would do it sooner or later.

WebInFront said...

Hey pal, nicely done!

L said...

Thankyou Thankyou [for your time and efforts] for Nicely Nicely. Fantastic post.

Mark said...

I love this

Gary said...

Great thank you for sharing.