Friday, January 16, 2009

Singles Going Single # 97 - Dharma Bums 7" (1991, Frontier) + Haywire LP (1989, Frontier)

The Dharma Bums were a Portland, OR based combo who dished out a trio of long players in the late '80s to early '90s. Relatively linear for the "college" circuit, the Bums opted to pursue a no-frills tact when it came to thier brand of rumbling, yet often sweetly jangly guitar-rawk. Kurt Cobain was a big proponent of the band, although he was wont to name-drop the Vaselines and Raincoats exponentially by comparison. The allure of the dayglo-green clad sleeve of the 7" in question, wasn't so much the grungy a-side, "Givin' In," rather it's flip, a remake of the Flamin' Groovies iconic and invariably gratifying "Shake Some Action."

Haywire is my Dharma Bum's album of choice, which doles out a dozen Replacements cum early-REM nuggets, none indelibly brilliant, but recommendable nonetheless. As an extra bonus, I've tacked on "Shake" (not to be confused with their aforementioned rendition of "Shake Some Action), the b-side to their "Haywire" 45. "Shake" is a resplendent, chiming pop tune that on certain listens I swear outdoes anything on the album. Would love to hear any Dharma Bums material that predates these recordings.
A. Givin In'
B. Shake Some Action
01. Timeyard
02. Boots of Leather
03. Cruel Acres
04. Over/Under
05. Walking Stick
06. Mutiny
07. Hope of the Hour
08. Jet Pilot
09. Dropping Out
10. Farmyard
11. Flowers
12. Haywire
plus: Shake
7": Hear
Haywire: now available on iTunes, Amazon, etc


chicopank2054 said...

Hey cool this band rocks. Ive been looking for this cd in soulseek but i only find kerouac stuff

chicopank2054 said...
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Unknown said...

Post the 'Bliss' album, from Dharma Bums, please.

Maximum Jack said...

Any Chance for a re-up of Haywire?

spavid said...

Haywire is now available on iTunes and Amazon. I'm afraid if I share it again here those gentlemen will be very angry with me.

Maximum Jack said...

Oh ok, thanks for the heads up. Did not realize they were available!

zdlrragefan said...

resent up please

spavid said...

I only updated the singles. The albums are available again online.