Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Moving Targets - Brave Noise & Burning in Water (1986-88, Taang!)

Minneapolis had Husker Du, Chicago gave rise to Naked Raygun, and Boston, MA spawned the Moving Targets. This now scarce CD collects all the tracks from their first two records, 1986's Burning In Water, and Brave Noise from 1988. While on these albums the Targets didn't quite pack the anthematic moxie of Naked Raygun or the tuneful acumen of the Twin Cities "Fab-3," they were off to a nonetheless superb start.

Head-honcho Ken Chambers did some moonlighting during the late '80s in another bruising Beantown punk troupe, Bullet Lavolta, but managed to eke out a couple more Targets albums, including their high watermark, Fall in 1991, and the nearly as solid Take This Ride two years later, which would wind up being the final word on the band, save for some reunion gigs. All of the Moving Targets albums were minted on Taang! Records, still in operation, and from what it appears, Fall and Take This Ride are still available. Vinyl rips of these albums have popped up on other blogs, but I thought I would do them greater justice by sharing my flawless CD version, which I think might even include a couple bonus cuts.

Ken Chambers has several solo releases under his belt and continues to tour. Original bassist Pat Leonard died in 2008. 
Brave Noise
01. Falling
02. Brave Noise
03. Nothing Changes
04. Things Are Going By
05. Carcrash
06. Separate Hearts
07. Instrumental # 3
08. In the Way
09. 2500 Club
10. Into the Forest
11. June 7th
12. Through the Door
13. Lights 
Burning in Water
14. The Other Side
15. Faith
16. Let Me Know Why
17. Shape of Somethings
18. Less Than Gravity
19. Almost Certain/Drone
20. Urban Dub
21. Always Calling
22. Underground
23. MTV
24. Funtime
25. Coming Home
26. This World
27. Squares and Circles 
Update: Now available for download from Emusic, Amazon and iTunes


Anonymous said...

Thanks...espacially Burning in Water is one of my favourite albums ever. Nice, raw and recorded with hearable fun... Cheers Schrottblogger

Nacho Trisat said...

Thanks a lot for this. I was looking for some Moving Targets desperately.

GHall ';' said...

nice, Burning in Water is a long lost masterpiece

Anonymous said...

"Burning in Water" is a classic!

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