Monday, January 12, 2009

Citrus Groove - Sunswayed ep (1993, Honeychain)

Citrus Groove were a California four-piece who caught the tail end of the "Madchester" scene without a moment to spare. To my relief, their thing was more Soup Dragons than Happy Mondays. The two tracks that bookend Sunswayed are welcome exceptions to this rule, with "Angel" impressing me as the long lost cousin to The Only Ones "Another Girl, Another Planet." The closer "Hit the Ground" (also released as a 7" on Honeychain), flows down the same slipstream as Ride's headier, psychedelic moments, explored on that band's 1994 Carnival of Light album. You can read more about Citrus Groove here.

01. Angel
02. Sympathy
03. Mesmerized
04. Everything
05. Bass Driver
06. Bury Me With Roses
07. Hit the Ground


Unknown said...

Any chances to reupload this EP back?
Thank you.

spavid said...

The link has been updated.

Unknown said...

Thanks! Just heard this on the radio and was happy to see my favorite mp3 blog came up on Google :P

PuddleSplasher said...

This is definitely one I'd love a reupload of!

Unknown said...

How can I upload this