Thursday, October 1, 2015

Woofing Cookies - Horse Gum Tortilla Shoes (1986, Midnight)

Has it really been almost three years since I shared Woofing Cookies "In the City" 7" some three and a half years back?  At the time, one of my readers was kind enough to digitize the New York combo's full length I was seeking, and at long last I'm presenting it today.   Let's see, how would I sum this one up in a Tweet? Heartfelt DIY indie rock running the gamut from amateurish to intermediate bearing a bevy of inspired slice-of-life motifs and vignettes.  Case in point, the leadoff "Plain Truth" details the exploits of a promiscuous Catholic school girl, conveyed with a flurry of riveting power chords.  Horse Gum Tortilla Shoes isn't flaunty or fancy, but it does allot a plentiful proportion of clangy guitars and espouses a markedly rough-hwen aesthetic that aficionados of early Replacements, Mercyland and Snatches of Pink will appreciate.  The standout here is the rather miscellaneously dubbed "TBA," mining some tingly post-punk textures, in an Athens, GA sort of vein.  A hearty thanks to whomever took the time to rip this record for us.

01. Plain Truth
02. Johnny's Dead
03. State of Adventure
04. Lying
05. Girl Next Door
06. Leave it all Behind
07. Blue Rose
08. New Song
09. Soundcheck
10. Thank You
11. TBA
12. Like Us


RonnyK said...

Peter Buck produced, I believe.

spavid said...

According to the back sleeve the LP wasn't, but that single I mentioned was.