Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Gear - In the New Hitsville ep (1988, Chocolate Mustache)

Not to be confused with the similarly monikered Gears from L.A., this record is from a rust belt trio whose stomping grounds appeared to be the environs of Warren, MI.  Heck, they even reference car manufacturing in the wordy "Get Twisted."  Competent and witty bar rock with some discernible power pop proclivities is how I'd sum these fellows up.  ...Hitsville is a damn near perfect record if Material Issue and the Magnolias are/were your thing.  Enjoy.

01. In the New Hitsville
02. The Real You
03. Loud Fast and Hard
04. Get Twisted

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Teenage Kicked said...

Oh my gahd! I found this 12" recently, picked it up 'cause it looked up my alley...and sure enough: pure gold. Thanks for the I can enjoy it on the go!!